Outdoor Wedding Planning, Tip #9

Published on 02/03/20
Ten tips to consider when planning an outdoor wedding or reception
Are you thinking about having your wedding and reception in a beautiful outdoor setting?
It's your day.
Have you found the venue of your dreams?
Do you know what you’ll do if it rains?
Natural beauty will lessen your need and cost to decorate.
Inquire about bug prevention or management.
Keep your vendors in the loop.
Research your rental agents.
Wear the right attire.
Is privacy important?

Wear the right attire.

If hot weather is in the forecast, wear light fabrics to avoid unnecessary overheating and perspiration.

Depending on the time of the year, the temperature may cool considerably down as the sun sets.

Be prepared.

Shoes with high heels don’t work very well when you’re walking on grass.

A flatter sole shoe is best. There’s nothing like getting your foot stuck on the way down the aisle.

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