Outdoor Wedding Planning, Tip #4

Published on 12/01/19
Ten tips to consider when planning an outdoor wedding or reception
Are you thinking about having your wedding and reception in a beautiful outdoor setting?
It's your day.
Have you found the venue of your dreams?
Do you know what you’ll do if it rains?
Natural beauty will lessen your need and cost to decorate.
Inquire about bug prevention or management.
Keep your vendors in the loop.
Research your rental agents.
Wear the right attire.
Is privacy important?

Have a backup plan.

Do you know what you’ll do if it rains?

The perfect outdoor wedding area will have a protected area available just in case.

You’ll want to have a plan established to move under shelter if needed.

A tent is an option, but usually rain includes wind and a tent might not be the best idea.

A permanent structure such as a pavilion is more desirable.

Many brides and grooms opt to have the ceremony outside with a natural background and have the reception in a more protected area out of the direct sun or inclement weather.

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