Outdoor Wedding Planning, 10 Tips

Tip #1

Published on 09/24/19
Ten tips to consider when planning an outdoor wedding or reception
Are you thinking about having your wedding and reception in a beautiful outdoor setting?
It's your day.
Have you found the venue of your dreams?
Do you know what you’ll do if it rains?
Natural beauty will lessen your need and cost to decorate.
Inquire about bug prevention or management.
Keep your vendors in the loop.
Research your rental agents.
Wear the right attire.
Is privacy important?

Are you thinking about having your wedding and reception in a beautiful outdoor setting?

Can you picture yourself on a beautiful sunny day; next to a rippling stream, amidst stunning gardens, next to a waterfall, surrounded by lush lawns, and all in a private setting?


Outdoor weddings are romantic and beautiful. The refreshing outdoor air and the natural beauty of your surroundings can be a wonderful experience and with a little bit of planning you can make all the difference on your special day.

Tip one of ten tips for planning your outdoor wedding event.

  1. Make your guests comfortable.
    • Let your guests know the nature of the venue.
    • Think about the time of the day and the month of the year of your outdoor wedding.
    • Will there be shade or will they be in the direct sun.
    • Let your guests know if the weather doesn’t quite cooperate they will have some protection.
    • Your guests will always prefer permanent restrooms as opposed to decorated portable facilities.
    • A neat idea is to have your wedding program printed on a hand-held fan to help your guests stay cool.
    • Have bottled water available.
    • A summer season outdoor wedding doesn’t always mean heat. Ensure the wedding venue you choose for your special day has natural features to offset the summer temperatures. Include in your selection criteria a venue that has shade trees and natural or man made water features. Riverside also has fans avaiable if needed.
    • For Spring and Fall, the perfect outdoor wedding site will have heat available if needed especially after the sun sets.

      Next tip: Your guests are taken care of. What about the most important participants of the ceremony - the bride and her bridesmaids?